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In 1990, with the technology and resource advantages of 302 Hospital of the P.L.A., Beijing Kewei Clinical Diagnostic Reagents Manufacturer was established and became one of the earliest companies specialized in producing diagnostic reagents. 302 Hospital of P.L.A. is one of the largest domestic infectious hospitals with many famous clinical and diagnostic experts. It injected its advanced technology and invaluable knowledge asset into Kewei Clinical Diagnostic Reagents Manufacturer. In late 2003, by enterprise reform and assets' recombination, the former Kewei Clinical Diagnostic Reagents Manufacturer became a modern enterprise characterized by advanced management and market system-Beijing Kewei Clinical Diagnostic Reagents Co., Ltd, and with 302 Hospital set up the Cooperation Center of Research and Development for Clinical Diagnostic Reagents. At present, Kewei has obtained GMP certificate and has a 3000 square meter clean room meeting GMP requirements that laid the reliable foundation for good product quality.

Kewei's products include the diagnostic kits of hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis B surface antibody, hepatitis B 'e' antigen, hepatitis B 'e' antibody and hepatitis B core antibody, hepatitis a virus IgM diagnostic kits, hepatitis E virus IgM diagnostic kits, RPR diagnostic kits, HBV test cassettes, HIV Ag/Ab diagnostic kits, etc. And the research and application of monoclonal antibodies against various hepatitis viruses was awarded the second prize issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) P. R. China. Then Kewei became the first one obtained the Certificate of New Drug of EIA kit for HAV IgM and for anti-HBc. In November 2004, Kewei was awarded a certificate of high and new technological enterprise by Beijng Science and Technology Commission. In November 2005, the international forth generation HIV Ab/Ag diagnostic kit was supported by innovation fund of the year 2005 under Ministry of Science and Technology.

Kewei have a professional and experienced sales team. The Domestic and International market sales volume increases rapidly each year, is the superior positions in blood screening tests for infectious diseases in China. Our marketing efforts extend to the fields of clinical testing, disease control and prevention, blood screening etc.